hodor hodor hodor

I like the ASoIAF books a LOT. I've been doing a few doodles of characters as they are in my head, nothin' spoilery really. Not many cute things in the books but man, I cling to them like a liferaft. Also I added some new prints to my shop, you can check those dudes out! Maybe even buy 'em, who knows.


I've pretty much finished moving and gotten all my printing/shipping supplies unpacked, so my store is back up (though a bit sparse). I wanted to add some new prints and figured I should just ask to see what folks might want! I've done a bunch of new dresses lately so maybe some of those? If there are any other products folks might like to see I'm open to suggestions, too! I do not really have the space/energy to stock tshirts, though. Those things are tricky.


Just wanted to say that as of this weekend the shop is live! You can buy pretty prints and drawthisdress postcard sets and minicomics. And I will mail them to you. If there is something you'd really like to see as a print let me know, perhaps I will offer it. I'm including a little bird-hat-lady miniprint with each order in honor me finding a whole bunch of little bird-hat-lady miniprints I'd forgotten about. Hooray!