"Snow-Bo" is the film I made with my roommate and good buddy Jenn Kluska in my third and final year at Sheridan College. It's the story of a young boy, terrorized by his peers, who finds a friend in an unlikely place. 

The film was made using traditional methods, animated in pencil and cleaned up with brush and ink. The backgrounds are watercolor on board, and the color and compositing was all done digitally. Sam Allison was kind enough to compose a song for me.

Credit-wise, the story and concept are mine, as are the background paintings. Jenn did about half of the rough animation, and a huge chunk of the color and compositing while I was locked in my room cleaning everything up. I couldn't have done it without her. The film won the Nelvana "Best Film" prize at the end of the year. It was screened at the Goto + Play Festival in Portland.