New website! New book (cover)!

I figured it had been long enough that this ol' thing needed a refresh! I am most active on instagram these days but I'll try to keep it current. It is nice to have a bigger showcase for my books since that's what I'm doing more of now. The old goodies like snow-bo are still here, and I updated my faq a bit.

I just wrapped up Be Prepared, my upcoming middle-grade graphic novel with First Second. Here's the cover, and a little preview over on The Beat!

I'm nearly done illustrating Lyric McKerrigan Secret Librarian, a picture book for Clarion, and am in the middle of writing and drawing my second picture book for Roaring Brook. I also adopted that sad dog from the previous post, because how could I not. His name is Omar and he's good.

I took down my store for now because I was pretty sick of looking at those drawings. I'll offer prints again in the future but deadlines first.