Diamond Previews is a catalog that comic book stores get from which to order their books. And in the latest issue you can see Anya's Ghost, along with comic bros Dave Roman, Gene Yang and Thien Pham! If you like to buy your comics from comic book stores you should make sure and ask them to order Anya's Ghost for you, because there's no guarantee they'll get it on their own. The more people that ask for it the better! Ask for those other books too. Ask for a whole giant pile of comics. Because comics rule.

Also Anya's Ghost got a starred review in the 3/15 issue of Booklist, which is awesome.

And perhaps now is a good time to mention that I will have a table at StumptownApril 16th and 17th! I'm sharing with my excellent buddy Jen Wang, and will have some things for you to buy. If all goes well, there will be a postcard set from Draw this Dress, some prints, leftover knitting tshirts, copies of Anya's Ghost (to look at, not buy. Sorry!) and hopefully a brand new minicomic! I'll try and bake some cookies too. I am stoked. I haven't had a table at a convention in years.

anya's ghost!

Lookit that. I got a couple of preview copies of my book this week and couldn't resist taking some pictures. First Second did such a great job with it (as usual), I am delighted. The hardcover is super classy and the paperback has some awesome debossing/embossing effects on the cover. You can see a few more pictures here.

Unfortunately it's not out til June of 2011, so there's still quite a wait til it's available. But if you like to be on top of things you can already preorder both versions on Amazon. Though it would be way cooler to buy it from your local comic book store, or from me at one of the several comic conventions I will be going to next year.

hi blog.

Just thought I'd do a nice big catchup post on the ol' blog. I've been posting junky little drawings on my twitter (almost) this whole time, but the last week or so I've been coloring them and generally trying to be a little less half-assed about it. Here are those drawings! Can you tell I am excited about Mad Mens on Sunday?

Also exciting: Scott Pilgrim movie! In a few weeks! I love the books with all my heart. Well, not the last one, because Amazon still hasn't shipped my copy. HISS.

And finally, the front cover of my book! Coming out in Spring 'll. I'll be getting preview copies in a few months and there'll be preorder information and stuff, which I will tell you about here. On my blog.

booky book

I handed my final files in this week so I figure it's as good a time as any to give a little bit more info on my book! It's called "Kristyna's Ghost", and is being published by First Second Books in Spring of 2011. It's 221 pages and kind of purply blue. There is a girl named Kristyna, and a ghost. I guess that is not all that much more info, but since the publishing date is so far away I figured I should probably hold on to some stuff for then. This is one of the very first drawings of both characters that I did, and I still like it okay.

Now that my evenings are not consumed with coloring secret comics, I'm going to do some more painting and drawing that I can actually post here! Super looking forward to that. So sit tight, blog friends.