paranorman is OUT

Tragically this is probably the closest to on-model I've ever drawn him. Paranorman is out August 17th, which is TODAY!!! In North America as well as Iceland, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Netherlands. I saw it last week and am seeing it again tonight (and hopefully even more times after that). I am so so proud to have worked on this movie with the most talented and awesome crew I've ever encountered. Please go see it this weekend with as many of your friends as you can muster! Brave independent animation needs your support! I promise it's way better than Expendables 2.

Reminder that I'll be in LA on Sunday for the Nucleus Paranorman panel!

And another reminder that today is the last day to vote in the Harvey Awards, possibly for Anya's Ghost. The ballot is online here, it's super easy!

Okay, back to refreshing Rotten Tomatoes.

adventure time!

I painted this for the Adventure Time show at Nucleus comin' up on the 18th! It will be for sale at and after the show. I don't sell paintings very often so if you want to own one of my paintings and like Adventure Time, well, you're all set. Also! I will be at Nucleus on the 19th for their Paranorman Artist Panel! Lots of cool dudes who worked on the movie will be there showing art. I'll be bringin' along a couple of storyboard sequences to pitch through, it should be fun! If you are in LA come on down.

Oh man. Paranorman is out in less than 2 weeks. So excited. Have you seen the awesome featurettes on the Weird Wins site? Or seen the amazing Art of Paranorman book? I hope you are half as stoked to see it on opening weekend as I am. That would make you pretty damn stoked.

paranorman teaser

Two posts, one day! Folks probably know my dayjob is drawing storyboards at Laika Entertainment. I'm really excited because the teaser trailer for the movie I just finished working on is online! Paranorman. I've been on the film since its very very early baby days back in 2008 and it is AWESOME. I've watched it a bazillion times at this point and I still love it, which is saying something.  I'm so happy I got to work on it and hope you all enjoy it when it comes out in August. Of 2012. So, uh, watch the teaser trailer a whole bunch of times for now, I guess. If you see Puss in Boots this weekend come early, cause the trailer will be playing before it, in 3D.