girly doodle

dress-drawin' video

I've done a couple of livestreams of drawthisdress drawings, and I recorded the last one! Here it is, sped up a bit. It's kinda low-res but you can pretty much see what's goin' on. I hope. Here's the finished drawing.

The Miami Book Fair was awesome! Thanks so much to those who came to see me speak and/or said hi afterwards. I am pretty sold on Florida, especially now that I'm back in soggy forty-degree Portland. I'd love to go back someday!

In other news, Anya's Ghost is getting on some year-end best-of lists which is awesome! I don't know which I'm allowed to mention but it's on the Kirkus Best Teen Books list. Delightful.

I will try to get my webstore back up soon, sorry it's taking so long! I hate unpacking more than I can say.

girly time

Lately I've been trying to do a simple little warm-up girly doodle every morning before starting work. It seems kind of cluttery to upload every single one here, so I've been posting them to my twitter account. We'll see how long it keeps up. For folks who don't want to pick through all my horrible tweets about my lunch and what I thought of LOST last week just to look at one measly drawing that I spent ten minutes on, you can check out this directory, where they will live.

I also doodled Roxy from Scott Pilgrim today because duuuuude look trailer. I'm not sure she actually looked like this, either in the comic or the movie. Oh well.