what's goin' on

I am a lousy blogger, aren't I! So lousy that I didn't even notice that my blog was hacked for a few weeks. It's all better now, so I may as well use it. My favorite news today is that Anya's Ghost is nominated for an Eisner Award in Best Publication for Young Adults (Ages 12-17)! I am bowled over and honored to be in such fancy company.  Comics professionals and retailers can vote in the awards here and they're presented at San Diego Comic Con in the summer.

Anya was also nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in the Graphic Novel category! I'd never thought of it as a horror story so it was extra awesome to get the nomination. Of course Alan Moore won that one and no one was surprised.

I have a reading coming up at the Central Branch at the Multnomah County Library on April 24th at 6:30, with the inestimable T. Edward Bak. If you are a local come watch me try and remember how Powerpoint works!

And I failed at getting a table at Stumptown this year but I'll be on a panel on Sunday I believe, and will have a signing after that at the CBLDF booth. I'll also be milling around the con a bit.

And May 5th-6th I will be at TCAF in Toronto, where I will once again be sharing a table with Emily Carroll and Jen Wang, aka the best ladies. I am really looking forward to this one, such a good show. I will try to have a special print or something to sell along with books.

In non-appearance/award news I am working quietly on writing a new book. It is in tricky fetal stages right now but there will hopefully be more news about it in the coming months.

And Paranorman is slowly but surely creeping towards release, which means lots of trailers and tv spots and even walkaround full-body costume creepers are starting to show up. I can't wait for August, it's going to be so good.

And that is your monthly news brief. Vera over an' out!



I posted the minicomic I made last year in its entirety, since I ran out of the printed version and figured a year was long enough to wait.  A grim story about a girl raised by wolves. Contains sadness and violence and stuff so maybe don't read it with your four-year-old. Check it out here.

dress-drawin' video

I've done a couple of livestreams of drawthisdress drawings, and I recorded the last one! Here it is, sped up a bit. It's kinda low-res but you can pretty much see what's goin' on. I hope. Here's the finished drawing.

The Miami Book Fair was awesome! Thanks so much to those who came to see me speak and/or said hi afterwards. I am pretty sold on Florida, especially now that I'm back in soggy forty-degree Portland. I'd love to go back someday!

In other news, Anya's Ghost is getting on some year-end best-of lists which is awesome! I don't know which I'm allowed to mention but it's on the Kirkus Best Teen Books list. Delightful.

I will try to get my webstore back up soon, sorry it's taking so long! I hate unpacking more than I can say.

wordstock and shop

Hey everybody! Just a couple of quick updates - I'll be at Portland Wordstock this weekend, participating in a panel and doing a signing. Here is my schedule on the Wordstock site. Also this weekend I get keys to my new house! Exciting times. I'm moving in the next few weeks so I'm temporarily closing my store while all the prints and stuff are packed up. Hope that doesn't inconvenience anyone.  I'll reopen it once I'm settled.

san diego!

San Diego came and went! It was my first time since 2004 (when Flight 1 came out) and it was pretty nuts. I'm sure everyone knows how nuts it is so I'm not even gonna go into it here. I had a great time and got to see some of my favorite people.

I mostly hung out at the well-ventilated First Second booth (photo above shamelessly stolen from Mark Siegel). The lovely Dave Roman was often to be found there signing his excellent new book Astronaut Elementary (see it blinding you in the foreground?). I did a few Anya signings but we sold out of books on Friday. So mostly I just said hi to the nice folks that stopped by. In the commotion I almost completely forgot to take pictures but here are some of the things I saw and did:

I grabbed lunch with the ravishing Hope Larson!

And breakfast with the delightful Lori Matsumoto and Patrick Farley!

And some garbage with the charming Pat Race!

The swell fellas at Fleet Street Scandal pushing the new Yuki 7 book, in which I have a drawing.

New bro Thien Pham and good ol' Gene Yang, who were there promoting their new book Level Up. Thien, Dave, Gene and I did a Teen Comics Workshop together on Saturday and had a great time helping a bunch of kids draw the adventures of Sara the Fast Fat Girl and Franq the Delinquent Demon Meathead.

At the First Second dinner on Saturday Thien explained his work ethic to us all over magically refilling wine glasses. Paul was not convinced.

By the end of the show I felt kind of like this doggie. Tired, but happy! Actually I was probably happier than that dog was. It was great talking to people who had read and enjoyed Anya's Ghost. I'm pumped up for the next show I go to (which appears to be NYCC in October) and excited to make more comics!

eat me/drink me

I painted these two fellas for the Curiouser and Curiouser show at good ol' Nucleus. If you live in LA, the show is up til March 29th! If you do not live in LA, you can check out the other pieces here.

Also, if you are into process stuff (I sure am!), I took some pictures while I was working on the larger of these paintings, and put them up in a flickr set. Edifying!