san diego again!

San Diego is upon us! July 18-21st. This year I'll be there as a Special Guest, which means there are going to be a bunch of places to see me. Thursday July 18th

10:oo am - TR!CKST3R Symposia #1: Personal Experience: Putting YOU into your project

Stories come from somewhere. From our hearts; our minds; ourselves. We invest our experiences into our art  sometimes sharing deeply personal aspects of our lives with our audience. How can we, as artists -  as storytellers, remain true to ourselves AND tell compelling stories?

This 2-hour discussion is designed to showcase a diverse background of storytellers and encourage you to use your own experiences in your storytelling with confidence. Your audience can handle it.

Participating storytellers include VERA BROGSOL (Anya's Ghost), FAITH ERIN HICKS (Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong), CECIL CASTELLUCCI (Odd Duck), DAVE CROSLAND, and more to be announced shortly! Tickets here.

Friday July 19th

12:00pm - Drawing Stories: What’s New in YA Graphic NovelsVera Brosgol (Anya’s Ghost), Gris Grimly (Frankenstein), Faith Erin Hicks (Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong), Hope Larson (Who is AC?), and Paul Pope (Battling Boy), five of the hottest teen graphic novel creators in the industry, discuss their current books, what’s involved in creating graphic novels for young adults, and why words and pictures go so well together in books for teens.  Room 25ABC

1:30pm - Vera Brosgol, Faith Erin Hicks, Hope Larson, Autographing Area signing (AA09)

Saturday July 20th

12:oopm - Signing at the First Second Booth #1323

4:oopm - Spotlight on Vera Brosgol

Eisner Award winner and Comic-Con special guest Vera Brosgol (Anya's Ghost) talks about her background and influences in writing, art, and animation with YA rock star Holly Black (The Coldest Girl in Cold Town). Room 4

5:30pm - Vera Brosgol and Holly Black Autographing Area signing (AA05)

Sunday July 21st

Sleep? Eat sandwich? Go home?

I am so excited and honored to be a special guest this year! Hope you see you there!