new new new!

Today is a good day! A shiny new book is out there in the world. Anya's Ghost is in stores and people are getting their copies which fills my heart with joy. Thanks so much to the folks buying books, telling their friends about it, and writing me nice notes to say that they liked it! Makes all that hard work totally worth it.

You know what else is new? This website. How about that. Thanks to the lovely Nate Beaty here is a spiffy new site with spiffy new features and a spiffy new integrated blog. There are things that will probably need tweaking but it's pretty darn close to perfect. I'm hoping the blogspot rss feeds automatically transferred to the new wordpress one like they are supposed to.  If they didn't you can resubscribe by hitting that rss link on the sidebar.

The store is also nice and new, but you can't buy the items just yet. I've got to get the shipping costs calculated and then you'll be able to buy prints and draw this dress sets and minicomics and all kinds of stuff. I'll post about it here when it's good to go.

So yeah! Poke around! Let me know if anything looks weird! I'm gonna go celebrate!