Is that... is that... yeah, I did a drawing. Just a little quick one, as thanks for somebody who gifted me some perfume I was looking for. So no, that is not nail polish she is painting onto her chest. Sheesh.

I decided my deal is, if I post some kind of art here I also get to post a mysterious panel from the comic. What secrets does that word bubble contain? No one will ever know.

In conjunction with comic stuff and to keep me from going crazy I am dipping my toe into making a sculpt of said comic's protagonist. So far I am finding that it is very very hard and very very educational. (I am getting lots of help from the very patient sculptor at work.) I kind of wish I'd done this before I started drawing because it would be soooo good for keeping things on model. It's a bit terrifying trying to decode my flat, cheat-laden drawings into 3D. We'll see how much further I get before I give up in frustration.