That appearances box on the side of this blog suddenly has things in it! I'm very excited to start promoting Be Prepared as it makes its way out into the world. The very first thing will be Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA. My schedule is below:


Title: Great Graphic Novels for Kids

Description: What makes a great kids graphic novel? Four fantastic kids comics authors come together to talk about their work, their creative process, and how they write and draw their books for kids. There will be an opportunity for librarian Q&A.

Time: 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM

Location:  Seattle Central Library, Howard S. Wright Family & Janet W. Ketcham Mtg Room, Level 4, Room 2

Speakers: Vera Brosgol, Mairghread Scott, Melanie Gillman

Moderator: Gene Ambaum



Title: Doing a Great Graphic Novel Program at your Library

Description: How do you host a great graphic novel program at your library? The first step is with you: creating something that works for the audience that you've cultivated with your community. Come listen to a discussion of comics library programming and how to make the best events for your readers.

Time: 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

Location:  Seattle Central Library, Washington Mutual Foundation Mtg Room, Level 4 Room 1

Speakers: MK Reed, Vera Brosgol, Dawn Rutherford, Nidhi Chanani


Title: Kids Comics!  

Description: Comics are for kids! Join a group of great kids cartoonists to hear about how they got their own start reading -- and creating -- comics when they were kids themselves. What turned them from a kid to the cartoonists they are today?

Time: 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM

Location: WSCC 604

Speakers: Vera Brosgol, Nidhi Chanani, MK Reed, Jen Wang

Event Link:

Staff: Gina Gagliano



4:00 - 5:00pm

First Second Booth: 1602

Books and patches!

Oh, did I mention the patches?? HOW COOL ARE THESE:


So that's next week! And the week after I'll be in Hong Kong for the Young Readers Festival! I'll mostly be doing school visits, but I'm doing a public reading/drawing session March 11th as well. Please come see me lose consciousness from jetlag in front of a live audience, it will be great. And give me your tips for Hong Kong!


Hey guys! Just a quick note that I'm going to be at Wordstock, a literary arts festival here in Portland OR! On November 11th I'll be at two panels, with book signings after each of them. You can get more info here:

I'll also be taking part in a moderated talk with the other 2017 Caldecott honorees and medalist, at the First Unitarian Church, Eliot chapel, on November 12 from 2:30-4:30. Open to the public!

New website! New book (cover)!

I figured it had been long enough that this ol' thing needed a refresh! I am most active on instagram these days but I'll try to keep it current. It is nice to have a bigger showcase for my books since that's what I'm doing more of now. The old goodies like snow-bo are still here, and I updated my faq a bit.

I just wrapped up Be Prepared, my upcoming middle-grade graphic novel with First Second. Here's the cover, and a little preview over on The Beat!

I'm nearly done illustrating Lyric McKerrigan Secret Librarian, a picture book for Clarion, and am in the middle of writing and drawing my second picture book for Roaring Brook. I also adopted that sad dog from the previous post, because how could I not. His name is Omar and he's good.

I took down my store for now because I was pretty sick of looking at those drawings. I'll offer prints again in the future but deadlines first.

help an underdog!

Lately I’ve been fostering dogs for Underdog Railroad Rescue. They’re a local rescue that is foster-only, saving small dogs from high-kill shelters in Southern California and bringing them up to the Northwest to be adopted. Lord knows we love a dog up here.


They just saved this little sweet little guy Ringo, who was attacked multiple times in the shelter by other dogs. His liver and gall bladder were herniated and he was literally on the table about to be put down. Underdog pulled him at the last minute and now he’s all stitched up and coming up to Portland soon. But his vet bills are… not great. So I’m offering some pet portraits to raise money.

I’m only doing three slots for now, of small watercolors. $200 for a 6”x6” watercolor of your pet! I'll cover domestic shipping but international can be brutal so I ask that you cover that if you live outside the US.


I’ll add more pets or humans for $100 each. This example has a kid in it, and 3 pets, so it would be $500. (It’s also a bit bigger, obviously.) I’ll cross the slots off as they get taken.




All taken!!!  Woohoo! I'll get through these and maybe will offer more later. If you just want to make a plain old donation (hooray!), Underdog's paypal is here: Please uncheck the “goods and services” box so that the rescue doesn’t get stuck with the paypal fee.

 Help Ringo! Help an amazing organization that does great work! Put something cute in your house!

Leave Me Alone pre-order contest!

almosthereposter It's finally feeling like fall around here, and Leave Me Alone is out so soon! September 13th, mere days away, holy moly. It's been getting really nice reviews including starred ones from Publisher's Weekly and The School Library Journal. This one by Betsy Bird is especially nice! I blushed. I'm so excited for you guys to see this book, I loved making it and it's so fun to read aloud to kids too. Or lazy  grownups.

If you would like your own copy you can pre-order from one of these lovely outlets:

And once you have pre-ordered, you could be in the running to win an ORIGINAL PAINTING FROM THE BOOK.

giveaway pages

One of these three paintings! You get to pick which one, even. All you have to do is send a photo or screencap of your pre-order receipt to before September 13th. It's cool if you pre-ordered it before I started the contest. I will pick a name out at random and send the painting of your choice your way. Easy!

There are also four runner-up prizes, little paintings of the grandkids from the book wearing their cute sweaters and enjoying autumn harvests. I will pick which one you get but they are all pretty good I think!

giveaway kids


And if you happen to live in Portland, I'm having a release party on September 18th, here's some info about that. I would love to see you!

san diego again!

San Diego is upon us! July 18-21st. This year I'll be there as a Special Guest, which means there are going to be a bunch of places to see me. Thursday July 18th

10:oo am - TR!CKST3R Symposia #1: Personal Experience: Putting YOU into your project

Stories come from somewhere. From our hearts; our minds; ourselves. We invest our experiences into our art  sometimes sharing deeply personal aspects of our lives with our audience. How can we, as artists -  as storytellers, remain true to ourselves AND tell compelling stories?

This 2-hour discussion is designed to showcase a diverse background of storytellers and encourage you to use your own experiences in your storytelling with confidence. Your audience can handle it.

Participating storytellers include VERA BROGSOL (Anya's Ghost), FAITH ERIN HICKS (Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong), CECIL CASTELLUCCI (Odd Duck), DAVE CROSLAND, and more to be announced shortly! Tickets here.

Friday July 19th

12:00pm - Drawing Stories: What’s New in YA Graphic NovelsVera Brosgol (Anya’s Ghost), Gris Grimly (Frankenstein), Faith Erin Hicks (Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong), Hope Larson (Who is AC?), and Paul Pope (Battling Boy), five of the hottest teen graphic novel creators in the industry, discuss their current books, what’s involved in creating graphic novels for young adults, and why words and pictures go so well together in books for teens.  Room 25ABC

1:30pm - Vera Brosgol, Faith Erin Hicks, Hope Larson, Autographing Area signing (AA09)

Saturday July 20th

12:oopm - Signing at the First Second Booth #1323

4:oopm - Spotlight on Vera Brosgol

Eisner Award winner and Comic-Con special guest Vera Brosgol (Anya's Ghost) talks about her background and influences in writing, art, and animation with YA rock star Holly Black (The Coldest Girl in Cold Town). Room 4

5:30pm - Vera Brosgol and Holly Black Autographing Area signing (AA05)

Sunday July 21st

Sleep? Eat sandwich? Go home?

I am so excited and honored to be a special guest this year! Hope you see you there!